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Manjarano Petroleum Coke

Manjarano Petroleum Coke

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Description: Petroleum coke is the waste residue in the process of petroleum refining. Graphite petroleum coke is a product made from petroleum coke, which is placed in graphite furnace and processed at high temperature. Usage : In the steel-making industry, graphite petroleum coke is the best carbon additive for smelting. Secondly, graphite petroleum coke can partly replace graphite scraps, and the market demand increases year by year. Specification: Graphite Petroleum Coke ...

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    Petroleum Coke-efitra no sisa ao amin'ny dingan'ny fanadiovana solitany. Manjarano solitany Coke dia vokatry vita amin'ny solitany Coke, izay napetraka tao manjarano memy sy ampiasaina amin'ny hafanana avo.
    Usage: Ao amin'ny vy fanaovana orinasa, manjarano solitany Coke no tsara indrindra ho fandrendrehana metaly additive karbaona. Faharoa, manjarano solitany Coke dia afaka manolo manjarano ampahany Manary, ary mampitombo ny tsena fitakiana isan-taona.


    Manjarano Petroleum Coke
    Model No Carbon (Min) (%) Solifara (max) (%) Ash (Max) (%) VM (Max) (%) H2O Max) (%) Grain Size (90%) N (Max) (%)
    ZX-GPC-01 98,0 0,05 1 1 0.50 1-5 300ppm
    ZX-GPC-02 98,5 0,04 0,70 0,80 0.50 1-5 200ppm
    ZX-GPC-03 99,0 0.03 0.50 0.50 0.30 1-5 100ppm
    Size 1-5mm, 0.5-5mm.0.2-1mm, 0-0.85m, 5-10mm, 5-20mm, 90% MG na araka ny customers'requirements;
    fonosana 1.In 25kgs bag;
    2, In 25lgs kitapo, dia ho lehibe 1000kgs kitapo;
    3, In 1000kgs kitapo lehibe;
    4.In 900kgs kitapo lehibe

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